Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After yet another round of snow today in Boston, I sometimes feel that the relentless New England winter will never end. Yesterday, though, was clear and beautiful - albeit extremely cold - and I took the opportunity to walk around the city and capture what I saw. 

Exploring with a camera is one of my absolute favorite things to do; I love to wander around for hours with no particular destination in mind. Taking pictures allows me to focus in on details that I might otherwise walk right past. For example, the last picture in this series - the gloves scattered across the street. I normally wouldn't even have noticed, but I was drawn to the forlorn and forgotten gloves. One of the best parts of photography for me has always been imagining the stories behind the images. What do you see here?


  1. Ohh, that 'hey, keep it clean' photo is great..!



  2. Thank you! Yes, I love that the text turns a trash can into something a little bit more artistic.

    Thanks for reading!


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