Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have always considered myself to be a city girl -- far more apt to explore an urban jungle than anything that could be considered an actual one. I have always had a prevailing fear of any creature that might sting, buzz, swarm or otherwise irritate me. Coupled with my sincere love of indoor plumbing, camping trips have never been on my 'must-do' list. That being said, though living in a city is exciting and fun, I still sometimes long for a more rural environment. Luckily, Boston offers quite a lot in the way of "nature", so I need not be tempted to pursue any inevitably excursions into the wild.


  1. love the picture of the sail boats! Boston Harbor right?

    love from San Francisco,


  2. Thank you! It was on the Charles - such a beautiful afternoon.

  3. love the sail boats and clouds photos! everything looks so much more majestic in black and white!

  4. Thank you, Jaclyn! Yes, black + white has such a wonderful effect. Must be why I love old black + white movies!


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