Thursday, March 3, 2011

As I've mentioned before, I love neutral colors. Yesterday, the beach was misty and mystical, with colors far more subdued than normal. The weather was wonderfully dramatic. The rain fell delicately at first, but then decidedly harder; the sand looked so pretty glistening with the raindrops. I absolutely loved the color palette - I'm now dying to redecorate! 

Musical Inspiration

[ Into the Mystic / Van Morrison ]

[ Sea of Love / Cat Power ]

[ All at Sea / Jamie Cullum ]


  1. i am loving these photos - the colors and how calming the scenes look. also, love the song "sea of love" by cat totally matches these photos.

  2. gorgeous! it looks like everything has been touched by dusk.

  3. The Water by Feist would fit into the same category ;)


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