Saturday, March 10, 2012

As you may have realized, I'm fairly obsessed with color [ as evidenced here & here ]. A selection of bright and cheery colors never fails to inspire me. The funny thing is, I find myself sticking to more neutral colors in my wardrobe. I color-code my closet, and its pretty much divided into three sections: black, grey, and cream. Sigh, I'm so boring, you guys! Anyway, the colors in the image on the right by Norman Parkinson definitely caught my attention. The pink tones and exotic location have me dying to pack my bags and go somewhere warm. If you're looking for something to do this afternoon, I highly recommend browsing through the Norman Parkinson Archive. Such a stunning collection.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Inspiration to jump off the sure-thing boat

Are you excited for the return of Mad Men? Why not throw a Mad Men themed party!

A wonderfully colorful look at Amsterdam.

A gorgeous collection of red dresses from movies throughout the years. 

LOVING LATELY // 15 :: A wonderful week of vacation. 

LOVE! :: A little look at one of my favorite poets and things that inspire me. 

COLOR THEORY // 11 :: Inspired by indigo, feather grey, and rust. 

And don't forget...my spring break travel essentials over at Stripes and Polka Dots


  1. My closet is all black and blue! I need to add more of these colors in my wardrobe too.

  2. You know, my casual wardrobe has a lot of color. But my work wardrobe could use an upgrade. I'm loving the pinks and oranges (and, you know, a gold-covered elephant wouldn't be too bad either!).

  3. I am constantly trying to push myself to incorporate more color. I tend to resort to black way too often.

    I tagged you in my post today and hope you join! (www.amodestlife.com). Happy Friday!

  4. I hate how boring and neutral my wardrobe is! Problem is, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to infuse it with color! This is a problem. :p
    xox, giedre

  5. so gorgeous these colors are, i love the pink! p.s. i adore your blog redesign too!


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